Gotta Love that Organic Public Relations When Consumers Tweet Positively about Clients

Over the weekend, I had an opportunity to take part in a wine tasting and vineyard tour at Mitas Hill Vineyard in McKinney, Texas, which I’m proud to say is a new client.MitasHill_Logo_Brown_RESIZED

One of the things I’m helping the vineyard with is their social media. During the tour, I started receiving Twitter notifications on my phone indicating that someone on the tour was live Tweeting. It turned out that a gentleman on the tour with his lovely family was Tweeting and snapping photos — and he has since put his thoughts about the tour/wine tasting on his blog.

You can read him here:

He’s an engaging writer and his blog post about Mitas Hill is fun to read. I am thrilled with all the wonderful (and true!) things he has to say about the Mitas family and their beautiful vineyard and winery. The family’s goal is to make each valued guest’s experience the absolute best — treat them well, teach them new things and make the Texas wine that they grow and craft by hand as accessible as possible to longtime wine enthusiasts and those who are new to wine tastings. From this gentleman’s blog post, it’s obvious that the Mitas family accomplished all of that and more — he says his family will now measure other vineyards by the high standards set by Mitas Hill. Love it!

So, thank you @paacojavi712! It was great meeting you and your family. Thank you for all the kind words about Mitas Hill Vineyard.

Do me a favor and follow this gentleman on Twitter. I know I am!


Sharing the Love: Kindness Pays in Business

One of the things we most love about owning our business is the opportunity to work with the people we choose to work with.

heartWhen talking with prospective clients and business partners, we recommend considering whether they’re a good fit both business-wise and personality-wise. Are they passionate and excited about what they do? Are they friendly and helpful? Do they treat others well? Will they treat you well? Do you want your business name associated with theirs?

Several months ago, we started working with Megan Hickman, an account manager at, an engaging local news site in McKinney, Texas, one of the fastest-growing communities in the nation. Megan is the kind of person you enjoy working with — super nice, helpful at keeping our various client accounts organized, and just all around great at her job. She had sent a note sometime back to provide the latest statistics about stories and ads we helped coordinate for clients — so we dashed off a quick note of thanks and expressed gratitude for all of her help. When she asked if she could use it as a testimonial online for prospective advertisers, we added to what we had already written so that it more fully expressed our thoughts.

TownSquareBuzz just revamped their website, and it looks great — and our testimonial is featured here, on the main advertising page under “Testimonial.”

We love that they’ve shared our gratitude and given us some love in the process. Thanks, TownSquareBuzz!